Forum Thread: Don't you just love South Africa?

Isn't South Africa just the place to stay?! I just loaded Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop less than a month ago, still trying to get used to it, downloaded a whole lot of data and books for me to learn Asterisk etc. then they broke into my house and stole all my laptops, pc screens, data modems etc.

It feels like you can't really invest in something decent, because it might get stolen anyway. You just don't dare walking with your laptop case in the streets, or you might get robbed in front of everybody else.

Is the rest of the world like this? I've been to Europe once, and it just felt saver there, people was walking with their laptop cases on the street, even took public transport with it, something you just can't do here in SA.

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Wow Renato, that's really awful. I hope you were able to report the theft to the authorities. 

If it makes you feel any better, people get their stuff stolen all the time in the US.

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