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Forum Thread: Don't you just love South Africa?

Isn't South Africa just the place to stay?! I just loaded Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop less than a month ago, still trying to get used to it, downloaded a whole lot of data and books for me to learn Asterisk etc. then they broke into my house and stole all my laptops, pc screens, data modems etc.

Forum Thread: Asterisk open-source PABX

Are anybody using the Asterisk open-source PABX? I would love to hear your experiences with it and your setup. I have lots of experience with a big proprietary vendor as a support and installation engineer, and is starting to explore Asterisk on my own. It is a very flexible system with nearly unlimited potential with regards to features, but I would like some users to comment on the actual production quality of the system, what they invested in the system and wether they think it was / is wo...

Forum Thread: General Ubuntu 11.04 impressions

For everyone that has upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04, what are your general impressions of this version of the distro? I haven't upgraded yet, but are planning to shortly. I heard there is some problems with the installation, but once past that, the distro is actually quite good. What would make you choose another distro instead. or why would you stick with Ubuntu?

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